Sermon Outline for Romans 4
Name Who Matters

If You Have a Job to Do ...

Do it!

And Do Your Best!

LAX Currrency Exchange 2014

I was at LAX in June, 2014, waiting for a flight to Israel. I arrived in the wee hours of the morning because I had come from Fresno by train. The international terminal was almost empty. I napped and watched intermittently.

Not so, for the man at the currency exchange counter. I do not believe he ever nodded off. He was alert every time I opened my eyes.

The dude seldom moved for over an hour.

Mostly, he had  folded hands.

Staring forward.

I waited for him to look down.

One person came by. As fate would have it, no currency exchange, but he did get directions.

Some jobs are hard - like waiting, and boredom.

He waits well for the exchange rate to change.

Then he pops into sudden action and changes the board.

He does his job.

What more can we ask?

What is on your job plate today?

Do your very best!