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Bureaucracy in the Service of Bureaucracy


And Church in the Service of Itself

Art Credit - cco David Eppstein - Own work

I heard a great comment in a webinar today. One of the panelists said that we are adding a layer of bureaucracy to support our current level of bureaucracy.

Now, that is a hoot!

Because of my background, I immediate applied it to the church and this morning's gospel. Jesus used the occasion of his disciples vying for recognition, position, power, and privilege to teach that, in his glory, the only two people to his right and left would be the two thieves crucified with him.

That was because he did not come to save himself or to serve himself, but to seek the lost, give his life, and serve people.

When the bureaucracy exists to serve the bureaucracy, there is a disconnect and a mission drift.

When the church starts existing to serve itself, prop itself up, defend its own rights, and assert its will, it is also missing the big point and the big mission.

Unfortunately, that has become daily life for many of us.