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Extreme Makeover - Life Edition

How many bloggers does it take to change a lightbulb?

How about life coaches?

What?!!! Change?!!!

If we don't want change, all change is intimidating.

George Carlin said he put some money into one of those change machines and nothing happened.

I'd be delighted to find a change machine that actually produced transformation in any number of areas of my life and community.

That is the appeal of every great movement in history. Those who embrace it and proclaim it know it to be a message of transformation. The human side of transformation is a word that sounds like a Bible thumper's theme, "repentance." It calls forth memories of muggy nights, loud preaching, stern looks, and harsh threats to all who will not repent.

But here is some insight into the word:

It means "change."

The repent is to change one's mind or direction or both.

And that is good news.


The good news is that, when there is a new regime and order of things, change is possible. It can be mandated because it is no longer futile.

If you want different results, you must change the variables. That is not merely a directive; it is a fact of life.

If you want different outcomes, you may have to adjust your behaviors that are driving your outcomes.

A man asked the Zen Buddhist merchant for change for a dollar and he replied, "All change comes from within."

He asked a member of a Twelve Step group and the response was a question, "Does the dollar really want to change?"

All change does come from within and it is driven by desire.

It often requires what our Twelve Step friends of Bill W. call reliance on a higher power.

A few years ago, I was an avid fan of "Extreme Makeover, Home Edition."

How About an Extreme Makeover - Life Edition?

What if we start with the CORE of our lives?

There is some Ultimate Concern, as Tillich called it, dead center in our beings where we define ourselves and order our living. Ultimate Concern defines our WHY for everything we do. It answers the question, "So What?"

Flowing out from that center are three dimensions and manifestations of living from the core of our beings:

  • Community
  • Occupation
  • Resources 
  • Emotions

Yes, that spells, CORE.

Here is a confession: This thinking and writing is part of a bigger project. I am working on a book about how we can make changes in our lives. The acronym is a start.

Community is what surrounds us and envelops us in something human that is greater than our solitary selves. It is our support group. It involves the causes with which we associate and the people we love and align with.

Occupation is what we do daily. It encompasses our purposeful and strategic behaviors that bring us closer to our goals and flesh out our visions of the future.

Resources are the things we need to get it done. They are intellectual, material, relational, physical, social, and most of all, however you define it, spiritual. I will suggest a working substitution for spirituality for those of you on the fence: essential, referring to essence.

Emotions supply energy because they are, are their core, motivational. They move us.

Each of these core elements covers a vast territory of possibilities.

Another key word is related to the construction of a life that is strong and resilient in the midst of the culture quakes, economic tornadoes, circumstantial floods, and faith explosions of our times  is STAND.

I have another acronym. To STAND, we must engage in these commitments:

  • Shore up our foundations.
  • Take a Team approach.
  • Act purposefully.
  • Name our resources.
  • Develop our souls.

It will take the time that I devote to write the book and the time you take to read it in order to consider these matters. It will lifetime to implement. Hopefully, this will get your mind started.

Perhaps you will take the reading and writing journey with me. Perhaps you will contribute.

Change is possible and we can stand and withstand the onslaughts of overwhelming problems in uncertain times if we will develop from the CORE and take a STAND for change.

Or, if you are satisfied with things as they are, click NEXT.

For the rest of you, let's get started.