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Non Compete Clause

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Sometimes I wonder if I need a non-compete clause in my contract with myself.

I try multiple platforms and resources to help my clients grow, market, and refine their businesses. 

Here is a new one. I have no intention of replacing this or any of my other blogs, but I do see value in this one:


I am testing a new, free blogging platform for my clients who want to get started and raise money by blogging. This is my first test/post.


Lessons I Hope to Learn

  • What happens when you demonstrate self-promotion to teach others how to self-promote?
  • Is it important to try it before you recommend it? I think the answer is obvious?
  • Answers to the questions I posted in the secondary post.
  • Is there really such a thing as too much exposure or competing with yourself?
  • Will I get any coffee from this?

See you on the road to success!