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My Righteousness? A Feeble Plea!

There are some prayers I am hesitant to pray.
"The LORD judges the peoples;
judge me, O LORD, according to my righteousness
and according to the integrity that is in me." -Psalm 7:8 ESV
My righteousness?
That is a rather feeble plea.
Yes. I am hesitant to pray that one.
I am hesitant
I remember that the righteous within me is not mine.
It is God's own righteousness in Jesus,
and that is enough.
Holy Week reminds me that I am not "all that."
Nor do I need to be
in order to be
Decades ago, my wife and I attended a grand feast.
For us, it was cross cultural. We were the only folks there that looked like we looked. An innocent and sweet child looked at my wife. She was puzzled. In all her childlike innocence she inquired, "Were you invited?"
As a matter of fact we were!
More than that, by virtue of some underserved, honorific title I had, I was a bit of a VIP!

Imagine that. 
The invitation and the title have been conferred upon you. You are invited to pray and plead from a position of special privilege because
You Are Beloved!