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Living in the Gap

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Eleven years ago I was at the cemetery officiating the service of a man who had regularly attended our church. He was a quiet, decent, hard working, and interesting man with a deep commitment to Christ.
He found himself satisfied with very simple pleasures, few possessions, and a small circle of close friends.
He was a very good friend of Bill W. and participated in the groups that met at our church and helped many people as a sponsor.
I would not have considered him wealthy. He had a job that could not have paid a great deal of money. He walked almost everywhere he needed to go.
Yet, I am told, he left a small fortune behind.
It was not that he made a lot of money. He was just frugal and conscientious about savings and investments.
As I often do, I chose to talk about the space, dash, or gap on our tombstones between the date of our birth and death. We cannot control the dates, but we can control what happens in the gap to the extent that we are in charge of all of our choices.
It caused me to reflect on how I wish to spend my time in that gap.
Growing in grace, gratitude, and giving.
Acting so as to accept what is, acknowledge what is not, and attempt what can be.
Pursuing a purpose that provides peace and promotes the positive, and produces fruit for God's kingdom.
How am I living in my gap between January 3, 1955 and that unknown date in the future?
Live the life you were placed here to live. Live boldly! Live large and loud!  Livew!