Good Grief
Who Do You Tell?

Smiling Jesus


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What the gospel writers did not and, sometimes, could not record, but first century readers knew, was the smile on Jesus' face, the chuckle in his voice, and the irony in his words as he provoked the faith response of an unlikely faith-heroine, and opened the ears of the deaf man with spit. Jesus was dramatic because drama drives home more than didactic teaching can communicate.

Grace is a very, very big deal.

Speaking of grace, there is grace that is specifically designed for our hours of deepest trial.

Few things happen TO us. Many things that happen do involve us. Most of those things provide and opportunity for us to step out of our subjective skin, look on, and learn from that character that looks like us and wears our skin.

If i am going to be ready to receive grace, I must prepare myself.

Three things I must do in the morning if nothing else (Psalm 5:3):

  • Make my voice heard before God.
  • Lay my requests before God.
  • Wait expectantly before God.

Which of these three is the greatest challenge for you? Which brings you the greatest joy?

When we are open to grace, I believe that brings a smile to Jesus' face.