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Meaning of the Moment


Photo by Grant Jacobson on Unsplash

What is the meaning of my moments and movement beyond the movement of the moment?

In Genesis, the story of Joseph crescendos with this dance he choreographs to reconnect with the brothers who dealt so treacherously with him years before.

Perhaps they have tried daily to forget, but they cannot. Nor can they know fully the pain and possibilities that were pregnant in their choices.

When Joseph "sets them up," they are confronted with a question that is deeper than the moment:

... Joseph said to them, "What deed is this that you have done?" - Genesis 44:15 

In fact, the deed they had most immediately done was none - none that would indict them. They are different men at that day than the men who sold their brother as a slave, but their transformation is not complete until the reconciliation is transacted and Joseph was confront them as much as they must be confronted ....

And they must confront the question that has ultimately brought them to this moment, "What have you done?"

It is, in the long run, a redemptive question and it is ours. It is mine? What is the meaning of my moments and movement beyond the movement of the moment?

What is the meaning of my life in an honest and full assessment of my life?

What would it mean apart from redemption?

What does it mean in the light of redemption?

This is our moment for reflection.


May this be your day!

You may not realize it, but all your life, you've been waiting for this day.
It may be after 4 PM where you are, or after 7 if you are elsewhere, but whatever the time of day, this is still, the day for which you have been waiting and preparing your whole life and ....
... the good news is ...
You can play this again tomorrow and ...