Stand in the Gate
Good Grief

It Costs Too Much


What will it cost for you to be your best you?

Everything of value costs something.

We can think of endless excuses to procrastinate, obstinate, and prevaricate. We'll do anything but drop whatever we are doing and change directions.

It is a control issue - we want to be in control.

Mostly, we want to add - faith and devotion to whatever else we cling to in life.

But diving into our life purpose is not an "add-on" to our lives. It is a new center of existence and a new direction for everything. Everything passes through the filter or this new commitment.

It costs everything.

I was ruminating over all this some years ago as I heard the report on NPR that 38 people had died over the weekend in bombs designed to disrupt the elections in Iraq.

In spite of this, and, by some reports, because of it, record numbers of people came out to vote - defying the threats. Some died.

Sometimes we have a hard time trying to get people to show up in this country when it costs us nothing.

I wonder - If it is too cheap, do we lose any sense of the value of it?