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Sometimes, You Just Have to Start Typing



And then you figure out what you are thinking!

I was asked a question a few years ago and  I was surprised at my answer. Someone asked if we wanted to be remembered when we were gone and I answered what follows.

I must say, I was somewhat influenced by conducting a graveside service in an old cemetery the past week and reading some of the gravestones and not recognizing any names. 

Yes, I want to be remembered, but I also know that eventually, I will be forgotten.

That is OK. What I really want is to contribute something that blends with other somethings and makes a difference in the world for good. T

hen, I want that new something that is blended with other somethings to take on a life and identity of its own and grow and be remembered for what it is, something positive, affirming, and compassionate.

That is what I really want to be remembered.

Then, if someone thinks of Old Tom, I hope they will think of that.

My stone will read the day of my birth and the day of my death, but all the living will have been done in the tiny dash between.

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