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Opinionated FIENDS

Making fiends

Not FIENDS, now that I have your attention, but FRIENDS.

The polarization of our times and positions has widened the gap between us in this country to the place where we are finding it increasingly difficult to discern the logic and good intentions of our intellectual and ideological adversaries. We do not even want to talk to each other sometimes.

Some views offend us so deeply that understanding them and attributing goodwill to those who espouse them seems to be a betrayal of all we believe and, even a betrayal of God Himself, assuming we believe in God.

These are difficult times to work on understanding because we perceive, and rightly so, that so much is at stake and lives, even society itself, hang in the balance.

There are things, it seem, that need our vigilant conviction, voice, and work for the well being of humanity.

Yet, we know, it is for good will that we ultimately fight and for the good of others and for all.

Love was, is, shall be, and always has been, the highest value of all.

So, when I scribbled this post twelve years ago, it was true for me.

Just because circumstances have intensified, can I abandon it?

It is based on enduring principle? If so, it must still be true.

Is it subject to revision? Explanation? Refinement?

I know that some people are warped in their thinking. I know that there have always been purveyors of ill-will and hate in the world. I am a realist.

Yet, I also believe and must believe, that no matter how biased, bigoted, tunnel visioned, selfish, and angry we may be, most of us have slow-burning campfire of grace and love in our souls whose embers are keeping the image of God alive within us.

Only the love of God will ignite that into a blaze and we can be the wind that fands the fire in each others lives.

This is what I crudely wrote:

I have opinionated friends
Not opinionated fiends.

I love them on the right.
I love them on the left.
That is because they keep me centered.

I have opinions too ... I pine.
I whine.
I dine.
And I often cross the line ...

Leaning to the left ...
Leaning to the right ...

Silent sometimes ... vocal other timesssssssssssssss ....

Times. It is about times and sometimes,
Sometimes it is about time to speak and sometimes,
Time to be silent.

I just may not tell you my perspective and let you tell yours.
Some times ... you say it better or
I am still thinking or linking ideas.

I see it your way, mine, and the other way.

There are no fiends here,
Just friends with differing views.

I am trying to decide what to do this hot, decisive, nasty political season with so many unfair and unkind accusations, but also, really important ideas that divide us.
We shall see. I may stick to principles and leave personalities alone.

Sometimes, I think it is best to stay slightly confused, uncertain, and tentative rather than getting locked into boxes that no great thoughts or inSpriation can unlock.

Yes. I spelled it that way on purpose.