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Life Lessons from a Super Bown

Life Lessons from the Super Bowl
1. You can't rest on the laurels of your first half of life.
2. You can't get discouraged by a slow start.
3. Keep playing till the end, even into overtime because: YOU ARE ALWAYS IN OVERTIME.
4. Your second half may be better than the first.
5. You may run out of time-outs. Adjust.
6. Expect turn-overs and play them.
7. It's not over until Lady Gaga sings - and then it's only half over.
8. Spectators, commentators, and wagerers have no effect on the outcome of the game. It is up to the players to play it.
9. Your opponents will offer as much resistance as they can. Expect it and resist it.
10. Keep playing and moving the ball.