Opinionated FIENDS

Awake and Awakened


I am awake.
What a delightful surprise,
A twist of events that I embrace.
I would say shocking, but that would mean a stopping.
It is a stirring.
I greet this morning with wonder and anticipation.
For those who wondered, I am well.
For those who assumed it was so, it is.
For those who gave it no thought ...
Why should you have?
To you, I smile and say, "Good morning."
It is, you know. It is a very good morning.
We do expect to wake up, after all and
We expect all around us to do so with few exceptions.
But sometimes, rare moments, we see it for the gift it is and,
More than a gift,
A calling.
By the way, when I wrote this some years ago, I did expect to wake up, but after telling the story of a recent mishap, some did wonder about how I would be.
Surprisingly, I am was as stiff as I anticipated and I was happily not ""a stiff.' My head did not I could focus. I can still type. I may or may not have made sense.
That was for others to decide.
Even today, like the former demoniac, I am clothed and in my right mind ... I think ... and I think, therefore, I am.
We are called to wakefulness, even when we are waiting for something to transpire or emerge. It is in the waiting, that we may be awakening.
That is my report.