The Fourteenth Day of Advent - Yet, I Will Rejoice
The Good News of Advent

Paradoxical Psalms

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The psalms are full of paradox; that is why I love them and relate to them so.
In the same breath: "God, you beat me up badly" and "God, you have always protected me."
And ... "Where are you God?" coupled with "You are always with me."
And ... "Why are you silent..." with "I hear your voice."
And ... "I am a wormy sinner .... " with "You know the integrity of my heart."
These are paradoxical reflections on God from a human perspective along with and flowing out of the realization that we are paradoxical people who can be rather perverse on one hand and deeply pious on the other.
Speaking out of two sides of our mouths? Sure. We have two sides.
On one hand. On the other hand.
We need to celebrate the balance that God gives as He invites us into a more lopsided righteousness and transformation of our lives. That process, though, is never complete and the psalms, from celebration to lament and back again, are conversational chronicles of a relationship between God and people.