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No Rain

Some years ago, The Wittenburg Door speculated on a week from Noah's Blog:

            Day 1


            Day 2

            Day 3

            Day 4

            Day 5

            Day 6
So I was loading up the last of the animals last week when I walk past my neighbor Roger, the Molech-worshipper. He looks up and says "Hey, looks like rain."

To that, I would add a seventh day when God rested, but ... the rain persisted.

When Wikipedia uses the verb "to be" in the past tense, "was," it is usually bad news for fans who want to read, "is." But, here it is:

"The Wittenburg Door, sometimes known as simply The Door, was a Christian satire and humor magazine ..."

The Door WAS and that's the way it IS.

No one has taken up the baton adequately.  But you, protest, "What about the Babylon Bee?" Sorry. I know they try. Sometimes they get it. Sometimes their edge is too nuanced toward what they ought to be mocking though. I'd rather read The Onion

The Dorr poked fun at us at the edges of the hypocrisy that we failed to see in ourselves.

Take a look at a 2008 article entitled "When Evangelicals Dream," by Jamie Crossan. The last three are:

  • Benny Hinn would be named Secretary of Health, Bob Tilton Secretary of the Treasury, Dr. Creflo A. Dollar the Surgeon General, and James Dobson the head of the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • The Pledge of Allegiance would be replaced with the sinner's prayer.
  • The word of knowledge would become the CIA's primary weapon in the War on Terror, as water-boarding is replaced with 24-hour exposure to TBN.

Well, I am not sure we have not moved closer to that.

The cartoons were not bad:


Door cartoonist Tim Nyberg of Door County, Wisconsin offers additional hilarity at

I do not think I am up to the challenge of filling the gap.  Late night talk comedy has filled in some of the sad gaps in social commentary. Colbert's perspective comes from a deeper gospel orientation than that of many who so label themselves.

I will try my hand at it a bit though. 

In 2009, several well-known people were becoming even better known for their blunders. The difference between then and now is that then, they were not intentional, and they still had some capacity to shock us. So, I commented thus:

Blurted Blunders

Blustering blurted blunders blossoming blatantly into Blagojevichistic blacklisting.

Kanye West and Joe Wilson have learned it.

Well, perhaps.

Wilson now has fan pages and support networks. I had no idea who he was before his infamous, "You lie" outburst. That's with two-thirds of Americans disapproving!

Kanye West has never been a part of my daily consciousness, but he too, blurted out inappropriate words at an inappropriate time.

But isn't that what we pay rappers all the big bucks to do? Congressmen - not so much so. I am not sure what we pay them for.

Disapproval of Kanye's actions were probably closer to 100%  including Beyonce!

Kanye will probably not lose any income - certainly not any prestige. I understand Leno gave him a hard time -- but at least he was ON Leno. I am still waiting for my invitation.

Both did a pretty adequate job of stealing moments.

Now, the President is in the moment. "He's a jackass," was a little surprising - even if he did say it with affection.

Mr. President, (A) Nothing is off the record with reporters and (B) I can't think of B.

The President may get by with it because so many people agree with him, but there may be another 3 way beer summit in the offing - They may even make it 4 way and invite Joe.

It is going to be root beer though. Taylor Swift is a little young for the hard stuff.

So, within about a week, there were enough bipartisan blunders to go around the legitimate entertainment industry as well as the political entertainment industry.

Within a few weeks, few will care. I already don't care - except the picture of that little girl's feelings getting crushed is still a bit hard to take.

The good news is, that for a while, this is giving rise to a few really good jokes.

With everything on the record now, perhaps there is no need for satire or ridicule. Just quote directly and in context. The problem is, unless we post reality as a contrast to absurdity, will anyone recognize the difference?

There is no rain in the forecast, but it would be most welcome.