Trust in Princes
Revisiting the Matter of Philando Castile

Self-Talk in the Midst of a Mess

So many thoughts, words, emotions, and promptings converge and none localized around me ... or does one kid oneself?

Is altruism an illusive and allusive fantasy?

All anger bleeds acid.

Sadness breeds sorrow.

There are remedies.

Remedies require energy from tired brains.

Love leaks leaky hearts.

Hope demands engagement. It is costly.

Grace provokes disgrace. But every alternative to love and grace is unacceptable.

So take a short break to regroup and get back to work. You did not call or hire yourself and you have no right to quit.

Peacemaking is turbulent, messy work.

Get messy.

This is Kingdom work and it is not your kingdom.

This is a note to myself. There now. I am glad I got that off of and back onto my chest. I am ready to face the day.