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Fallen Leaves from My Poet Tree

Turning from Worthless Things


Ryan Hagerty


You might be feeling a little dead these days, perhaps bored, maybe all dried and drained inside, lifeless, listless, and a bit depressed ... and you are not given to depression and are not clinically and medically depressed.
What are you watching?
What are you doing?
Where are your ears trained?
What content is entering your mind?
Perhaps we all need to pray the Psalmist's prayer here:
"Turn my eyes from watching what is worthless; give me life in your ways." - Psalm 119:37
So, having prayed it, how do you "put legs on those prayers" and thus, restore life?
(Credit to my Sunday School teacher - Emily Daniels for that phrase)
  • Replace the worthless content with something worthwhile.
  • Engage in worthwhile projects.
  • Cultivate healthy curiosity (not prurient).
  • Share what you learn with others.
  • Let more light into your house.
  • Let more music into your ears.
  • Exercise.
  • Do little jobs like washing dishes with joy and imagination.
See if that lifts your spirits some.
In case you need something to help you get started, try this: