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One Race, Many Colors


Calypso rose
In the beginning God created everything: The structure of an atom the genetic codes, one race of humanity, a way for humanity to perpetuate and develop various genetic characteristics, more similarity than difference, and a mandate to work out our humanity together.

Somewhere along the way, our bodies developed various forms of pigmentation.

After Babel which is briefly described in Genesis, we developed languages, cultures, and geographic demographics.

But we remained human with mostly interchangeable blood, organs, and with what some humans have erroneously called, "race."

WHITE s the color of milk/fresh snow. It is not very descriptive, but beautiful in contrast with other colors.

BLACK is the very darkest color owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light; opposite of white. Again, contrast adds delight.

While both are beautiful alone, they are seldom seen alone and difficult to perceive when they are.

White black

In PHYSICS- the very darkest color owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light is black; opposite of white.

I never met either color of person.

Our colorfulness is what makes us part of a wonderful human family.

Our varied cultures are given to be gifts.

Our histories, painful and joyful bring color to our music and art as well as to our shared values.

We have culture because we are multi-cultural.

Otherwise, we rob ourselves of our wealth.

I have met some dead people who had extreme colors --- but those who are alive, no matter how colorful, are neither all or nothing of anything.

I have met many on a continuum as we all are ... descendants of common ancestors and cultures. We absorb many colors and lights. That is good.

Any claim to superiority is misinformed and ignorant.

Our uniqueness is good, but so are our commonalities. All enrich what is already rich.

Race, as we define it today, is an allusion designed to separate or to dominate.

Celebrate your own heritage and that of your neighbors.

It is what makes us wealthy and fully human.