Why Is It Difficult for Rural Americans to Conceive of Police Brutality?
No Good Thing

Now Is the Time


I agree with what John Denver wrote and said, that there is time to turn around.

We are given the time and the very specific moment in time. It is this moment? What shall we do with it?

Shall we build walls of resistance around our hearts and minds?

Shall we harden and calcify our capacity for compassion and understanding?

Shall we dig trenches and build walls?

Shall we regroup around tired old notions and narratives.

Shall we try to fix shattered glass?

Shall we tap into our anger or shall we tap into God's love?

Now is the time for new thinking and dreaming, for creating new systems and building new houses with bi tables.

Now is the time for listening, hearing, and understanding. It may be painful, humbling, and frustrating, but it is breakthrough time.