Becoming a ROOTS Church, Part 3 - Obedient
A Blessing for Explosive Times

Common Ground


What is common ground and why do we need to cultivate it?

Finding common ground never means having to surrender the ground where you feel you must stand based upon principle. It is finding and recognizing the ground you share that overlaps the irreducible minimums of core beliefs.

More so, it is recognizing and respecting the human beings who share that ground and finding language to communicate commonalities as well as uniqueness.

For the "good-news-ist" (evangelist) it means finding and exercising an opportunity, with integrity, to communicate our good news and listening to the message of the other.

The antithesis is answering questions our neighbor has not asked or assuming presuppositions that they do not hold. Our words fall on deaf ears and interactions create an atmosphere that is opposite of the Kingdom of God.

Photo by Gear5.8 by Roberto R. on Unsplash