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Group for Sharing Emergency Resources in Fresno

Fresno Emergency Page

Fresno Area Emergency Resources - COVID 19 


Please use this space to share resources of which you are aware during this emergency or to find resources of which you may not be aware. I made it a group so everyone could post, but I will be monitoring it for off-topic and inappropriate posts.

Please let me know if you'd like to volunteer for management help and please share this widely with agencies, faith based organizations, leaders, and "helpers" in our community.

I will gather as much information as I can to post and will appreciate all the help we can get.

Some of you can call churches and agencies you know and help gather information. Others have first hand knowledge. Let's get this to the people who need to know and are helping to coordinate.

Thank you for joining. There are many resources in our community, over 500 faith congregations, and hundreds of CBOs all wanting to help. There are also a number of collaborative tables and we are not trying to replace them here. We want to share information for those who sit and those table and others to assist you in networking a sharing.

Thanks for joining. Invite others. Freely share your information as well as your need of information (Questions).

Together, we can make a difference in this crisis.

Community s key!