Nuance and Substance
To the Boastful, "Do not Boast."

When They Go High, You Go Low.


Photo by Luis Fernando Felipe Alves on Unsplash

Go low.

In a world where we strive for prominence, prestige, primacy, and predominance, we excel at personal kingdom building. We long to be the kings and queens of our own domains and spheres of influence.

Everyone wants to go high.

People of the Jesus Way are called to go low.

We aim high, for our own ends, ambitions, and  rewards and , as a result, we miss the big mark.

We strive to be on top and find out that top/ is bottom, bottom is top, and everything is inside out.

Kingdom is governance. Entering a kingdom means coming under that governance. Like you, I have let many different things govern me.

Nothing governs as legitimately, compassionately, or effectively as the rightful King of God’s Kingdom.

We talk about entering into that Kingdom as if it were about getting into Heaven and only about getting into Heaven.

But Heaven is, I would suggest, a different matter. The Kingdom of God is now.

The extent to which I've entered the Kingdom of God is not about whether I am saved, but how much I'm governed by the King.

We serve a King who came to serve.

"I came not to be served, but to serve." - Jesus

The “style” of the Kingdom of God is service. It is the model and the pattern. It is also its most essential qualification,

Kingdom style change comes from people switching from a governance of self centered thinking to one of servant-centered living.

We would love to see other kingdoms come under this authority and adopt this style of being and governing. We want to wield our best influence to insure it and we grow frustrated when it does not happen.

No great changes have ever resulted from head shaking bobble heads murmuring "ain't it awful" and never moving beyond.

One more time: The extent to which I've entered the Kingdom of God is not about whether I am saved, but how much I'm governed by the King.

I must start with my own place as a Kingdom subject, a servant-disciple, and a servant-leader. To what extent am I functioning as a Christian?

The term, "Christian" was originally a term of derision associated with persecution. How did we make it so tame and respectable? How did we ever associate it with entitlement, privilege, or personal rights to be free of harassment?

Let us enter into the Kingdom and continue to enter in through the narrow gate of service, tiny eye of a needle, and the humble abdication of our feelings of superiority. Then we can represent and convey the compelling call of Jesus to a new order of justice, peace, grace, and love. 

Then we can help change the world into a place where no one is vying to be king, but where the King of Kings reigns supreme.