To the Boastful, "Do not Boast."
To Pray Out of Our Weakness

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In order to comment on some issues, one must define what the real issues are.

If one is inclined to believe that no "position" can define the "issue," then it is difficult to find any basis for conversation.

First, there must be definition and, when definition is established, it is often found that there is no issue.
But that requires quite a bit of un-boxed thinking and a "radicalism" that goes to the radix/root - a process that is much too difficult for most of us whose roots go too deeply into the mud of traditionalism and the sands of connotation.

For others of us, the strange, the rabble-rousing few, no position is comfortable because all seem essentially off-center.

So, keep seeking, digging, asking, reflecting, and redefining everything.

And, occasionally ... 


Primary_and_secondary_cotton_rootsPrimary and secondary roots in a cotton plant - Public Domain