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Strong at It's Root - Advent Wednesday- 2018

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“And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots … “Isaiah 11:1

When Jesus stepped into time and history, there was a lot of history behind Him leading up to the one great event that was His life. Coming from God, He entered a body and that body had a history. He was a rod from a stem, a branch from some very deep roots. God had been building and planning and working for centuries in anticipation of the day when He would send His Son into the world as the heir of David’s throne, the promise of Abraham’s seed, and the new Adam to create a new race of humanity.

The plant kingdom can teach us much about how things are passed through history.  From their history, we can visualize how genetic information is transmitted in human history along with cultural history and family values. From there, we can begin to apply spiritual principles to see how God is at work through the roots, the shoots, and the fruits of the called and chosen.

I am learning about gardening. The more I learn, the more I appreciate the Master Gardener. Some plants have very deep and intricate roots and some stay pretty close to the surface. It is pretty hard to kill basil. Its roots run deep and strong and find water where there seems to be none. That is my experience.

God prepared a long history for His Son, an entire nation with an intricate and strong root system, a living story of redemptive history, and a legacy of faith. Israel had an identity that any could recognize and many feared.

Whenever I see anything that grows, has flowers or leaves, or bears fruit, I think about these things. Everything necessary for that growth was here on the first week of creation. All that would be made life was present when God declared “Light!” Everything has existed since the time God called everything into existence.

It is a good thing to celebrate Christmas and Advent with living remembrances but the coming of Jesus is the continuation of life itself and the beginning of new life.

Father, out of a deep root, you formed a branch, a rod out of a stem.
Father, out of our beginnings, you are forming something new.

Because Thou hast sent Thine Only Begotten Son,
We are a part of the vine that grows from Him.
May we produce the fruit He intends so that every day shall be Christmas

As the world views the results of His life in us,

Moment by moment,

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.



Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash