Our Father in Heaven
Stop Worrying and Start Moving Mountains

Get Moving. Others Will Follow


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No one is going to come along with you until you start moving.
Now one is going to see it, get it, or understand it until you live it and demonstrate it.
Do not wait for a vote of your peers or critics to start living a life of faith, compassion, or obedience to God.
If you are going to follow Jesus, it will be a counter cultural move.
Do not expect applause or ease.
Do expect to be called names -- it does not matter which ones.
You may be called a "liberal" by some or a "fundy" by others.
Forget it and move on. Some will call you fascist and others, a communist.
Neither will be true and it still does not matter.
They do not get it. They cannot get it. They have never seen it.
It is a different paradigm.
You are neither liberal nor conservative and you are, at the same time,both.
Let them scratch their heads in utter confusion over you.
You are like the wind that blows here and there, said Jesus, moved by the Spirit.
Let the Spirit move you and hear the word, "Move!"
No one is going to come along with you until you start moving ...
But ...
Once you start moving ...
Some will.

They are just people ...
They need to see it to get it.

Don't judge them... just do what you were called to do ...

Follow Jesus.

unsplash-logoCharles Deluvio 🇵🇭🇨🇦