"Reality" or Truth
Sing a New, Skillfully Sung, Loud Song!

Hurry to Worry


Photo by Mubariz Mehdizadeh on Unsplash

Do I worry?
I confess that I fret.
I get in a hurry ... to worry ...
And what do I get? I forget ..
Or should ...
Or would if I could.
If would be good to leave it where it belongs,
Buried beneath and within these heartfelt songs,
All my frets and all my wrongs,
Deep regrets and resolutions for which my aching heart longs.
It would be good and it would be great.
I could take that course and it's not too late.
I can worry, yes. I can cogitate and take the bait ...
And play the line and scheme and state and restate ...
The "problem" and multiple soul-lutions (solutions too),
Expected allocutions and resolutions few ...
... of which might come to pass and
None of which form critical mass.
In other words, from far away or close at hand ...
I waste my living by living in the gray and barren land ...
.. of worry.
In the hurry to worry I get nothing done,
Solve no problems under that gun.
So, I run to One who handles it all,
Drop every burden and let them all fall ...
At His feet.
This thought is now complete.