May Our Tongues Not Cause Strife
Aversion to Controversy - A Confession

"Neither Do I Condemn Thee."

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"She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more." - John 8:11

Jesus said that wheat and tares would grow together until the end of time and that in the end, God Himself would sort them out.
Until that time, we are called to live without the burden of judging others, without condemnation, and with a solemn commitment not to destroy anything of God’s planting in the futile process of sorting our evil people from good people in this life.

Not everything that grows in a field is what we have planted. Not everything that we plant grows to maturity. Still we plant and water. Still we wait in expectation.

Many would have discarded the woman caught in adultery if they could have done so without condemning themselves. They would have relegated her to the trash heap of humanity as someone soiled, sullied, and unworthy of grace.

Not so, Jesus.

He refused to cast her away, but sent her away with mercy and hope.

“Go and sin no more,” He commanded her with the built-in hope instilled in her heart that such a life was now possible for her.

She had been redeemed.

Let us look unto the fields as they are white unto harvest and be ever so careful not to destroy any soul that God has planted through our own premature judgment of them.

Let us see every person as a potential part of God’s harvest of grace. Let us labor in His fields with love and hope.