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Is God In the Storm?


Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash

What is God's role in natural disasters?

Naturally, after making a good system, God expected us to learn, respect, and follow the laws of nature. He often helps us when we clash with nature and gives us peace in the midst of storms.

We can also learn the important lessons of environmental stewardship as we reassess our life styles. We live and learn as we respect the truths of divinely ordained science and natural processes of well designed world.

Above that, God reveals Himself primarily in the prayers, deeds,and compassionate gifts of people who love Him and love their neighbors as themselves. If you want a hint, look at Jesus in storms. Or check the times that Jesus was asked to equate suffering with someone being a worse sinner than someone else.

He always deflected it at went back to a larger subject.

Is there a lesson? Always.

Nature is powerful. The Creator of of nature is even more so, but at the core of all holiness is the harmonic and reverberating theme of love.

If you want to align with the message of God in moments of human suffering, reach out in love to your neighbor. The rest is religious arrogance and pseudo repentance designed to deflect from our own sins of pride, superiority, and reluctance to care.

The heart of God is holy, ruthless, furious love. The heart of God's people is to flesh out that love in service to suffering humanity without judgment or conditions.