I Was Blind; Now I See

I Come

I pray in the silence of my soul

Surrounded by the noise of the world

And the calming music of sacred choirs.

And yet, there is silence.

I am quiet before you, Oh God.

I have no words, no thoughts, no ideas

Of any consequence.

I must empty myself and sit in solitude

For that which is my deepest need

Is to hear from You,

To experience You,

Is to know You and present myself to You.

In audacity, I call this a gift,

My gift to You and

Yet, it is Your gift to me.

I have nothing in my hands.

I hold no bargaining chips.

There is no reciprocity conceivable.

I make no case before You.

I come.

And that is my quiet prayer:

I come.

In Jesus's Name, I come.