Passion on a Shoestring
Bring in the King

Thou Shalt Not Be Rattled

god wins

"Direct your steps to the perpetual ruins;
the enemy has destroyed everything in the sanctuary!"
- Psalm 74:3, ESV

Sometimes it seems hopeless; we feel invaded; conquistadors have entered the sanctuary and dismantled the holy places, desecrating all that is sacred. We complain to God because there is no where else to go. God, though indignant, is not flustered. We find that perplexing and inconceivable. Why is God not in a frenzy of hand-wringing as we are? He is not rattled; He sees beyond it. As we pour out our souls to Him, we will soon be aligned with His perspective and we will see beyond it too.

The "it" will appear different for different folks - depending upon which indignation your heart and mind prioritizes. However, the answer is the same.

God has it under wraps. Our job is to do what we do and follow Jesus into the midst of it and bear witness until He uses us, others, or some circumstance to straighten out the mess.

"Your foes have broared in the midst of your meeting place;
they set up their down signs for signs. "
- Psalm 74:4

The foes of God try to define the things of God and manipulate them for their own purposes.

That is true --- but it is temporary.

We don't like it. We should not like it. But we need not be intimidated not rattled by it.

That is because we keep reading:

"Yet God my King is from of old,
working salvation in the midst of the earth."
- Psalm 74:12, ESV

Thou shalt not be rattled.