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Thoughts on Psalm 135

The Moral of the Story

"'Tut, tut child,'" said the Duchess. 'Everythings got a moral if only you can find it.'" Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


We are not all stuck in a Carollian Wonderland.

Or are we?

We are all observers of the stories of others as they intersect with and pass by our own.

There are thousands of stories within our reach and somehow, one big story comprised of layers and strands of weaving themes.


And everything has a moral ...

IF you can find it.

Today, as I live, part of and outside of the hectic hubbub of harried, hurried masses, I am looking for the moral of the story.

I want to hear the music and sing along.

I am searching for the meaning, anchored to the greater meaning thaqt anchors me, I want to hear the Message.

I do not believe that the Author and Composer orchestrates every event; He invites us to participate as co-authors in that process. However, I do believe He orchestrates the symphony of meaning that emerges from the dissonance of our bleating attempts to find the right notes and join the rhythmic pulse of the ensemble.

He makes it beautiful and weaves it into the eternal story that we might find the moral of the most mudane.

If I can find it!

I shall consult my composer/conductor who, like every conductor for whom I have ever sung, keeps reminding me not to keep my nose buried in the score with these words, often shouted ...