Seeds and Such
I Have Already Come

Let Me Be an Instrument

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It is enough to be instruments.

Peace is the end in itself.



Peace cannot be defined by what it is not.

It is not the absence of conflict. It is more.

It is not the cessation of violence. It is that which creates an atmosphere where violence cannot exist.

Peace is well being, within and without. It is wholeness and holiness.

Peace is what we deeply desire and yet, war against within our souls and in our relationships.

Peace is desiring for others what we most profoundly desire for ourselves - the best and fullest joy and grace. It is desiring it and working for it.

Peace is about something within us before it is about something outside of us.

When peace pervades and God's peace stands sentry over our hearts, something beyond comprehension and description happens and we can become instruments of peace.

Let us sow love.

Let us proclaim pardon.

Let us nurture faith.

Let us speak and act in hope.

Let us be and reflect light.

Let us stimulate genuine joy.

Let us die to all that is death and be born to live to all that is truly life.

I have little use for a culture of anger and fear. I have little patience with bickering and polarization. I have an aversion for political fights, but I understand their place in the process.

Now is the time for men and women of good will to work together toward peace. Now is the time to do what is best by becoming what we were created to be, instruments of peace..

Let there be peace - wholeness, well-being, wisdom, and love.