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God Is Watching - GOOD!

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People say "God is watching" as if it were a reality from which to recoil in utter dread, as if it were a threat. I do not recoil. I take it as a promise.

I am ever aware that God is watching my every success, failure, strength, and flaw. It causes pauses of reverential fear, but it is of the sort that brings weight and glory to every moment, even the moments of frivolity and folly that come so often.

Grace. Mercy. Peace. These are the comforts and joys of His knowing gaze, watchful eye, and guiding hand. He sees and breathes purpose into my scattered days. I am known. I am loved.

Like the experience of Peter before and after his major failure and denial, Jesus knows all things about me and He knows, even better than I do, that I love Him.

We are bundles of contradictions, but thank God He is watching.

And when I feel utterly unworthy to feed sheep, I remember that.