And Life Is ....
Excuse Free Living

Time Slips By

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Days pass ... weeks, months, years
... decades slip away,
Innovating life,
Invention of our minds,
Intention of our hearts,
... or something else .... confiding ....
Residing in our soul ....
Guiding to some goal?

Is there a whole in the hole ...
A purposeful role 
we play
in the scheming dreaming of these days?

Is there more in gleaming rays to our ways 
that doth
Unfold as the story's told?
Am am I bold ...
or just old?

I cannot, will not, shall not fade away in this story.
I cannot, will not, shall not wade away from glory.
I cannot, will not, shall not get stuck in a rhyme.

Not this time!

Yesterday seems so long ago.
And many yesterdays like recent past 
and present ... but it does not last.
Nothing lasts but That which Is and ...
In that Isness nothing passes, nothing is lost.
Flowers wilt as do the grasses, great the cost,
Mass the masses, lads and lasses move in great procession

Through our memories but ever present
In the heart of That which, He which Is and In that
Isness I reside for that same Isness resides in me.

Grace, peace, joy, love, and wonder, from God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit be with you all, this day and always and forever more.

May the Great "I Am" be within you. Amen.

- Tom Sims