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Mere Men

Signing Up

Lately, I've been signing up for things - mostly free, but not always.

You have to sign up first; then you can sign-in whenever you like.

I have noticed that if I don't sign-in for a while, I sometimes have to sign-up again.

It is really nutty ... I am trying to find parallels to participation in the Kingdom of God here and the easy ones come easily ... but the really hard ones ... are really hard.

Something about the whole thing of an easy sign-up and a simple sign-in seems in-congruent.

Something about that long list of affiliations sitting somewhere in my in-box and data-bases ... many forgotten, just strikes me as qualitatively different than the call to oddity that is the essence of holiness.

If being a disciple is nothing more than signing up and signing in, then I am reading a different four gospels.