IF the Foundations Are Destroyed - IF
Do you remember the night and the waltz?

Morning Prayer


Morning Prayer Ein Gedi
God of all that is without Whom there is not,
God of all that was, without who nothing has been,
God of all that can be and should be and might be,
God of all that shall be.
God of unfolding wonders and unfathomed waters of wisdom,
God of all who live, who have lived, and shall live

God of me .... my God, our God,
God of Jesus, Savior, Friend,
God revealed in Spirit and in Flesh,
You are here with us, and for that, we are ever grateful.

Hear our morning prayers.
Hear our heartfelt cries for mercy.
Hear our burning, yearning groans for those deep needs we cannot express with words.

You know our wounds, our open, oozing sores.
You know our stubborn, egotistical ugliness, but ...

You also know what beauty lies within us, that which is of You, that which You would nurture inside of us.

With penetrating eye and skillful hand, root out our sin and heal our shame.
With gentle hand, guide us into Your purpose for our being.
Arrange our lives today and supersede our presumptions.
Grant us divine appointments and the spirit of serendipity to embrace them.

Laugh with us today; weep with us; look with us upon your world with love.

Oh, Master Designer, design our lives, my life, to conform with your vision.
Fill our hearts with peace, with joy, with holy love that we might serve you in serving others.

May not a moment be wasted of this day, not a thought lost, not a word vainly spoken.

I come, Father, referred by Jesus, Whose name I gladly take as the banner over my life.
I come willing to die to self today, but weak in the flesh, I identify with Jesus and express my desire to You, to follow Him ...'
Wherever He leads.

I have no other agenda worth attending to ...