Morning Prayer
Old Posts Never Die ... They Just Show Up in "On This DaY."

Do you remember the night and the waltz?


What does this have to do with anything?

Absolutely nothing.

I just came across this fun and familiar song while looking for something else and there she was, "That singing rage, Miss Patti Page" singing "The Tennessee Waltz."

But what might you have "lost" while they were playing a beautiful waltz?

Do you remember the night and the waltz?

Do you know how much you have lost?

Listen up and listen well:

We've all lost some things and we've lost them while there was beauty all around, but beauty can come out of it if we choose.

So, listen to the waltz and start to sway.
Troubles you have won't go away,
But neither must they move in to stay.
Stand up for joy and have your say.
Let your feet keep moving; let the music play
And let the skies turn blue from gray.
Don't wait till tomorrow; today is the day!

OK - I didn't expect to get a ditty, but when the ditty hits I let it dit!

So get up and get!!

I know I've lingered here too many hours, but I think God and I are ready to hit the road now!