Whatever else we do today ...


We are driven by conscience and compassion to do all we can, while we can, with what we have

In the end, it will be, for these deeds, we are remembered.

Whatever else we do today, let us live a life that counts while we can.

Our lives are best salvaged as they are spent.

Our safety is most secure when we care nothing about it.

"If I perish, I perish." (Queen Esther)

Our days shall pass.

Our times are limited.

Our moments are few.

Our influence endures.

Lives lived for others flourish and multiply in them.

Lives lived only for ourselves perish with us.

Let us live beyond ourselves.

Let us agonize over the suffering and act upon our agony with the passion of love and mercy.

Let us do what we can while we can.

Oskar Schindler taught us that a life can make a difference.

We need the courage of our convictions and of our love in these days of darkness, greed, anger, hatred, and contempt.

We need to be willing to stand along as we stand with those who are most vulnerable.

We can leave a mark.

We can and we must.

Let us make a difference today,