Hating Nineveh

There Are No Small Assingments

Are you "stuck" in work you feel is insignificant and at the lowest place on the chain of importance?

Are you doing menial work when you feel you have a greater calling?

Look at David. His entire schooling was doing what kids do in a family like his - chasing ewes, shepherding sheep. He had the lowest job status in the family.

Yet David, apparently, grasped the parallels. He realized that the lowest work was really at the heart of the greatest work. To serve, to lead, to protect a great people was really just a larger context of what he had been doing in his youth - shepherding people, like he shepherded sheep.

He emerges from obscurity from among hundreds of thousands who had great potential.

He emerges from obscurity to leadership. His significance was not hindered by his lowly position. He did his entry level work faithfully. The greater work came later --- yet sooner than he expected.

He was taken from the sheepfolds.

"He chose David his servant
and took him from the sheepfolds;
from following the nursing ewes he brought him
to shepherd Jacob his people,
Israel his inheritance.
With upright heart he shepherded them
and guided them with his skillful hand."
(Psalm 78:70-72 ESV)
Keep this in mind when you are tempted to feel like a small person in a small work. You are either doing something that no one else has been called to do in quite the same way at quite the same time and place or you are being prepared for that sort of work.


Either way, it is up to God to assign and up to us to accept the assignment.

I can think of no greater honor than to be ...
a Servant.