Our Dwelling Place



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"Theotokos" means "God-bearer." 

Rachmaninov composed it as a tribute to Mary, who bore the Son of God and in whom God was incarnate, appealing to her prayers on our behalf.

That being said, are you not a God-bearer in whom the Son of God incarnates Himself in the world and through whom He shows His love and compassion for humanity?

Therefore, are you, we, and all of us not called upon to pray for one another this morning? (James 5:16)

To be ever vigilant in prayer? (Colossians 4:2-4)

To be grave conquerers? (Romans 8:37)

There are people who are hoping in our intercessions as we hope in the intercessions of others.

Bear God, this morning, to a hurting world. Bear God as light in darkness. Share His love. Do His bidding. Lift the fallen. Bring hope where there is no hope. Feed the hungry. Heal the sick.

Raise the dead.

Freely, you have received; freely give.


It is sure easy to write with the Russian State Symphony Capella in the background singing Rachmaninov.