Striking the Balance
Hating Nineveh


Sowetto Gospel Choir

Khumbaya, my Lord! 
Come by here.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
Make a way.
Come and speak..
Come and touch.
Come and lead.
Come and sit awhile among us.
Come, instruct us.
Come, teach us.
Come and correct the errors of our ways ... including ...
Several misconceptions of You and how we have ...
Used you and taken your name in vain to promote our own views,
Our prejudices ...
Our biases ...
Our desires ...
Our angry obsessions and our power plays.
Come, Lord, by here and lovingly squeeze the meanness out of us.
Hug us till all the hurt and anger and bitterness oozes out of our souls.
Come and heal bodies, minds, souls and
Rifts in the fabric of our communities,
Tensions in the streets of our cities,
Dissensions in our board rooms,
Apathy in our churches,
Venom in our national discourse.
Khumbaya, Lord, Kumbaya,
Now,, we need Your Visitation!
Come by here.