Our Dwelling Place
Shine, Rising Sun!

A Prayer from Distractable Me

Father ... I am a "dis-tractable" soul. You know that and I know that and I am amazed how You have accommodated that in me and taught me to manage within the margins of my "dis-tractability" to find a tract within which I can live and seek you and find traction for my journey.

I don't slip as much as one might expect. I don't wander as far as I might. I don't fall off as many cliffs as I might fear and I don't lose sight of You as much as I would were it not for Your hand upon me.

I live by grace, in grace, and with much grace poured over me.

I swim in it, drink of it, and am refreshed daily by it.

Grace, grace, God's grace.

Father, You know why I am up so early. I need not be commended. I need this to survive.

It looks like I am doing many things .,. many things ... many distractions creeping in ... but in fact, I am up for One Thing.

I am here to meet You.

And I do.

Around every corner, You are there. In the thoughts and words of friends, You are there. In the prayer requests that tumble down into my lap. the scriptures that emerge constantly, the thoughts that come and go, the words that linger and are recorded, You are there!

You are there and I get to spend this time with You and some of it with some of my dear and precious friends who, I pray, will share in this blessing.

You are HERE! You are in this space, this large space that I must make for meeting you, this block of time, this TRACT where I can find some TRACTION because I am so dis-TRACT-able.

Keep me on tract today, Lord.

I am Yours.

In Jesus' Name.