Worthless Labels

Unpacking Believing

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I know that not all of life can be summarized in acronyms and cute clever sayings.

I also know that when we say, "Just believe," that there is the danger of the same sort of simplistic manipulation.

It is simple. It is not simplistic.

I have thought about this acronym for the kind of belief that Jesus called for and that the early apostles proclaimed. I think it may help us remember some key points of New Testament believing - even in an age of "easy believism."


 Acts 16:31 – And they said, “Believe on the Lord, Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.”

Here is an acronym for what it means to have saving faith:

B- Be convinced that God loves you and that Jesus died for your sins, rising again to give you eternal life. This is the gospel

E– Examine your life honestly in the light of God’s Word and admit your need of a Savior as a result of sin. The Holy Spirit will guide you through this process of conviction if you are open.

L– Let go of your sinful resistance and self-centered control of your life. Another word for this might be repentance, a turning from sin to God.

I– Invest your life completely in God. This is basic, gut-level trust and is necessary for the new life in Christ. Express this change of heart to God in prayer.

E– Eternalize your values. Stop adding up your assets the old way. Understand that eternal reality is true reality and that only what lasts forever is worth our lives.

V– Visualize a new life of freedom, forgiveness, and fullness based upon God’s grace, mercy, and power. This is the beginning of the exercise of faith in your life.

E– Embody the life of Christ within you by receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit, His indwelling presence. This is new birth.