To Weep Without Words Is Sometimes the True Word
Today's Blessing

The Long Road

Life is a long, long road.
It ends at the beginning.
It unfolds into the great mystery.
Its exclamation, a question,
It question, a great answer.
Life carries us and we carry life.
We go; we come; we seek; we find.
We flow from the Source Who flows through us.
We long for home and home longs for us.
The Father we fled flees not.
The fast, the feast, and the least of these are places and faces
Along the way ... the way ... the way.
The why of the way and the way of the why
And we sigh; we sigh; we sigh, cry, fly ...
And thunk!

Back we are on the rocky, solid, winding path,
The road.
Long, long, long it goes toward its own beginning.
We can but travel and so we traverse, trudging ...
Trials and triumphs step by step and half steps and baby crawls,
Groping and hoping.
Love leads.
Grace gives permission.
Mercy lubricates.
Purpose energizes.
God guides.
Walk with me Jesus that I might walk with Thee ...