Let's Grow Old
When I Rose This Morning

On the Line

Few of us experience such a dramatic choice or challenge - the face almost certain death for an ideal, a dream, or the call to take a stand ...

... or for glory!

Consider if you are prepared to die.

From the 1989 film, Glory starring Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman, we see a prayer meeting. They all participated as if everything depended on what happened there and then.

It did.

The next day, they charged a hill and died.

They sought to take the fort, but failed.

They died as many have before and since in the heat of battle.

They died and their courage is remembered, but here it is their faith that shines as the source of that courage. It is their faith the gives them strength to face whatever lies ahead.

Today, we are called upon to take risks.

It may be to place ourselves on the hill of vulnerability where the attacks may be personal. emotional, or physical.

We do it for truth, for justice, for those who cannot stand for themselves or for those who need us to stand with them so they can keep standing.

We cannot expect everyone to support us or understand.

But we must stand and sometimes march forward.

What is your hill to charge? What is your fortress to capture? What is your resolve? What if you fail? What if you don't? Will you charge the hill?

Pray for the strength to face whatever you must face tomorrow. It will be available to you when you need it.