The Journey is the Destination

Day Is Dying and So Are We ... But Not Just Yet


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I took one of those online tests of life expectancy a few years ago. Since it was produced by the insurance industry which invests in guessing these things, I give it some credibility. At the time, they said my life expectancy, given m lifestyle and general health was about 89.

I either inflated or deflated by report of general health this time and came up with 86.

I assume I will need to work most of those years -- so that may extend things a bit ... or shorten them.

But I will die some time in the next 30-45 years give or take.

 That is fine. We will all die. "Fine" comes from the same root at "finite" and "finish."

Life is only fine, as is death, if there is an inevitable conclusion to wrap things up here and move on to what is next.

It is 12:49 PM,

There is so little time to get everything done ... tomorrow ... and the rest of my life.

And I  I am sure I have wasted so much of it today.

I cannot do that tomorrow nor the rest of this day. I cannot. I will not.

But how do I judge waste or wise use of time?

There will come a time this evening when this will be true in order to insure a good start on "tomorrow" I have to close out "today," which will then be "yesterday."

I must create a boundary between the two, a buffer that is sleep. Every finish is a refining for a fine new day to come.

I have "wastes" some of today and I have learned a few things in the process. I cannot tell you what it is at the moment, but it is there.

In the meantime, I am not going to call it quits. I cannot improve on what is past, but I can surely embrace now.