Today's Blessing
Sing Them Over Again to Me

Carve It Out

Blank life


The epitaph is yet to be written.
The requiem is yet to be composed.
The stone is yet to be carved.
For so many, the life is yet to be lived
And judgment yet to be pronounced
For we are in progress
And in process.

Let our days be full.
Let our dreams be larger than our reality.
Let our reality be larger than our vision
And our vision larger than our reality.

Let us live and daily carve out the words
That shall describe our days.
Let us daily compose the symphony of our lives.
Let us daily inscribe the epitaph of our moments.

Let us live.
Let us flourish.
Let us leave our impressions
In our expressions
Of our living
And the living out of our reasons
For being.

God grant that God's purpose
May graciously flower within us
And burst forth into seeds
Scattered to in-forest and
Color the world
With grace and joy and peace
And love!