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To be appalled is to turn ashen gray.

It comes upon us suddenly in response to something so shocking that it effects the supply of blood to our brains.

A pall is a a cloak that often covers a person who is so "appalled" that they are no longer alive.

A pall to cover the permanently pale.

Ironically, it seems to take energy to be appalled, even though it is something of a dead state.

It happens to the psalmist when his spirit faints.

It is that last and final burst of life before life expires.

What has the capacity to place you in a pall?

Would you say, today, "I am all in a pall?"

It is, perhaps, a good place to be for a moment as we regroup and seek new strength and power, but it is no place to live.

Therefore, my spirit faints within me; my heart within me is appalled." - Psalm 143:4



What did this imply?