God Does Not Need Us to Defend Him

A Morning Garden Prayer


In the garden
Good Morning, Yahweh, Abba,  my God who strolled through the garden with our mom and dad.

There will soon be enough light to walk to the garden and I will do so.

I am grateful for the light of day, the coolness of the morning, and the promise of sunshine.

I will be making some new discoveries of maturing corn, ripening fruit, more okra, peppers, and developing questions.

Will that tiny watermelon have a future?

What about those beans?

Have the cucumbers and zucchini played out?

What is that? It looks like something, but I don't remember what it was when I planted it.

I guess I'll have to wait and see what it becomes?

Too much water, too little, or just the right amount?

Do I need to add something to this soil before I plant the next seeds this weekend?

Somehow, all of this is an unfolding of a morning of prayer.

Do you receive it as such, my Abba, my Father?

Somehow, it is preparing me for a day of pastoring people. Teach me what I must learn today by walking among the crops and weeds

Somehow, the insights I am about to receive sink deeper into my soul than words in a book ... not that I am about to give up books!

God bless this garden. God bless this day. God bless the work of Your hands.

And mine.

In Jesus' Name, the Vine, Amen.