Peace the Way We Work and Grow
By What Authority?

Are we there yet
Where are we?

We are right where we started.

We live in a world of ambiguity and confusion, a world of tension and hostility, and a world of lust and desire. We share a common humanity with every broken soul on this planet.

We are bearers of good news, prophets of repentance, messengers of grace, candles of light, purveyors of hope, and children of God. We are sent into the world to be different. Our spiritual forefathers took on the burden of strange and complex restrictions in order to be different, holy, and unique. Some wore identifying clothing. Many took marks upon the most personal anatomical features in order to be set apart.

The church, likewise, spiritually marked, is set apart. We do not fit in, but there is a place for all enter in and find a fit.

The covenant of walking with God in the community of His church is a hard and demanding one. It does not always fit the culture or make rational sense. The Head of the church invites you to come and learn of Him and to take His yoke upon you. He does not rush you or coerce you. He does not demean you malign you. But He will remake you and ...

If you choose to follow and continue to follow, He will ask of you some things that make you ask, "Why Lord?"

Where are we? Not where we used to be and, yet, exactly where we've always been - different, set apart, and called to holiness.

We are constantly being called back to the basic essence of scripture to seek God and His ways. We are constantly challenged to rethink our assumptions and reaffirm our core commitments. We are constantly provoked to peel away the layers of commentary and application of our religious culture and traditions and find God's instructions and revelations in a new world that is becoming newer and older every day.

Is this this or is it that?

We will always ask about this or that, but we must be grounded in something that is neither this nor that, but OTHER, Wholly Other!

We are always going back in order to start over.

Don't worry about it. It is the same God in a different setting.